How it Began

It was known, however, that the mother lived a very loose moral life, for she was out every night at public houses and entertained men freely in her home. Philip was allowed to wander about the streets alone, and the mother bore no affection for him.
Barnardo’s records.

This is an incredible
touching story…

It tells how a small, unwanted boy was given away by his mother to Doctor Barnardo’s Homes, and spent his early years shuttling between institutions and foster homes. It was more by luck than judgment that he got in on the ground floor of the travel business, but from that point, he never looked back. Against all the odds, he went on to found the ground-breaking firm Voyages Jules Verne. Then a builder of ships including the Royal Barge – Spirit of Chartwell.

How it ended

The whole world witnessed images of the monarch aboard the vessel that the Barnardo’s boy had lent her. But if the truth be told, that glorious moment has its origins in events that happened many years earlier, with beginnings both humble and chaotic….

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